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My New Monty 221 Pr 2007


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well got my new monty in yesterday, rides amazing compared to my x-lite

here are some pics:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

the dual disc feels really smooth, they havent bed in yet but are still feeling quite good

wheel swaps went way better on it than on my x-lite, cept for one which resulted in:

IPB Image

f**king pissed now, didnt have a bike for 2 weeks and now this :(

sorry if the pictures are a bit big

- martino

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are those martas good?


they havent bed propperly yet but they are still doing quite well

Oh god that's awful not being able to ride it.

Can you take a picture of the chainstay's where they meet the bottom bracket? I want to see what they've done there.

yes its awful indeed :P

tried to do some backhops my arm feels like its dying when i pull up

i'll get some pics of the chainstay in a min (Y)

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my wrist is getting a bit better now, tried some gaps on it

feels like im flying compared to my last bike

front disc has bed in aswell, but having some problems with the rear disc, the lever is feeling a bit spongy and i have to press it harder than my front brake

ill try the ''riding-with-brake-on-and-add-water'' technique tomorrow to try to bed it in

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:mellow: , you think YOU got off bad on a wheelswap... :(

Not been able to do anything but normal cycling on a bike since July 1st this year, up to now and onwards for god knows how long. You should feel lucky that yours is only 2 weeks! Mine's several months already >_<

Nice bike by the way ;)

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