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How High Can You Jump With Your Ashton?


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I wanna know how high you can:

Tap with your ashton:

Sidehop with your ashton:

Pedal Kick with your ashton:

Bunnyhop with your ashton:

And what's your biggest Gap with your ashton: :D

for me it's

Tap: 105cm

Sidehop: 108cm

Pedalkick: 109-110cm


Biggest gap i made was yesterday! :) : abot 246-250cm! (Y)

In cm cause i am german! :$

I wanna know these stats because i heard a lot of times

that the ashton isn't a good bike for high moves!

I would be very interested in james porter's or Ali C's stats or Fred Gillert

or....well everyone who is ridin' an ashton justice is welcome! (Y)

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taps......done 50" 47" would be more normal

gaps.......8.5ft static flat to flat

sidehops.....now on about 47-48"

bunnyhops, not too good at them latley, never been good at going over stuff, maybe 40" for that if I dared, but bunny up somthing is around 48" (to both wheels)

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Thanks alot ali! your stats are givin me confidence! (Y)

Sooo high with this awesome style of ridin props to you dude! ;)

here my stats again now in IN:

Tap: 41" (new technik for me)

Sidehop:42,5" :P

Pedalkick: 43"

Bunnyhop: 43"

Gap: 8,5 ft too! :) (a bit shorter maybe)

more comments please! (Y)


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