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Help Needed With Onza T-pro

Acko Mod rider

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What do people think i should get on my 06 t-pro i want to make it a better ride and look good aswell

Thanks Josh

to begin I would start with thesemonty forkscheap and light so this will help the ride.and get rid of those hideous heavy standard forks then if you want better braking,get a disk.I would reccomend one of these hope monotrial but these are expensive new so I would reccomend you look on ebay first.then Possibly cranks like thesemontycranks.then maybe an eno freewheel.but this all depends on your budget.


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If i was upgrading a t-pro i would get the following parts

2 fully built echo wheels or try all rims built onto a echo hubs.

Echo stem

zoo bars

echo lite forks

echo cranks

v8 peddles

try all freewheel

magura lousie front disk break

hope braided hosing for back hs33

plazmatic break pads

zoo booster

Hope this helps

t-om (Y)

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What pads, What about onza carbon bars any good, which forks, what freewheel and how much

Thanks (Y)

If your on budget,Get a acs welded freewheel which is around £15,zoo! bar's,T-master stem's seem to have a reputation.As for pad's...There's load's to choose from really,Zoo! pad's(if you can find a shop selling them) if you dont wanna grind your rim,Plaz crm's seem to be awesome,Coust's and ill recommend speaking to ali c about his homemade pad's. ^_^ Fork's....There's load's...Iam not a mod rider but maybe get something by the liking of deng?By the way onza carbon's are really good.As far as i know,Only 2 people have snapped them so far.

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if i were you i would just ride the thing i rode my mission (N) till it couldnt be rode anymore. just get really good and when you find that your components are just not good enough anymore just upgrade them as long as you have good brakes and a good backwheel the bike shouldn't matter one bit how it looks.

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