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My First Vid


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probobly the vinco going onto it from the T-mag was a bit of an adjustment but i would suggest if you want to ride 26" i would go for a vinco it just stays on the back wheel for an eternity, hooks are easy with the high bottom bracket, and the front end is just so light its unbelievable really.

in fact im gonna go ride now yessss

cheers for comment


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:) yeh that vinco's ace to ride, iv bin on it and its really easy when on the back wheel, unfortunately i neva got to have ago on the t-mag :( i would have liked that bike mellon! :P..and ace vid by the way (Y):D Edited by tom 20
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Defo way cooler and a rider on the Vinco man! Now your a man!

Also fianly someone agree that high BB does work! Mini_man Alex T has agreed too after rididng my sig proto frame around my room tonight too!

+80mm, 1115mm WB, 72* need's a 165mmx40* stem as a must! It looks odd but it feels so right!

By the way what are you using to record yours vids? Only problem with Youtube etc they come out really poor so try a video hosting site, loads of free ones about dude!


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