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  1. Pretty bright light good price aswel.
  2. You need to get good results/ Be a good rider/ be a good helpful person/ not put on a forum how do I get sponsered! Because no company is going to sponser someone that is just expecting free bikes.
  3. All depends on your budget. You wont be finding a decent set for under £200 and they will be pretty old. I used to run some 2006 888s they were really nice and smooth but i've heard they have problems with 888s between 2007-2010, due to production being moved and cheapend. I'm now running 2011 Boxxer world cups and they are the best forks i've used in a long while, really light, and with a Hope one piece top crown are really stiff. But like I said all down to budget.
  4. To be fair i'd stick to what you have the way round you have it, you really wont notice the softness of compounds if you swap around. But what you will notice is tread pattern, and the tread pattern you are using at moment, will be the best i'd say.
  5. Are they Vented?? If they only do it when wet then thats fine.
  6. To be honest i'd go for a hardtail for that amount, dowbt your going to get that good of a hardtail for that much though to be honest. If your not in a hurry for it, I would wait and save up abit, then spend around £500-£600.
  7. Saying your not sure on budget leaves it abit wide open! Like it's been said before if you want to ride downhill at trail centres, you would be miles better on a alpine/freeride bike. For trail centres I have an Orange 5, because I got it from work. But for proper downhill, where there is a proper uplift, to take you to the top and no pedaling up hill. I have a Orange 224. Either way there both expensive bikes. A good seconde hand Orange five will set you back about £1500- £2000. And a Decent Orange 224 will be around £2000-£3000 seconde hand aswel. You can get cheaper downhill bikes, but to be honest you will be looking at around £1000 for a half decent bike.
  8. Haha, You have got to be kidding?? lazy man sport aswel? Would love to see you try a full run down fort william! I quit trials abit ago to race downhill and trust me you have to be 10x fitter to ride downhill then trials. Also forgot to say, absoulty amazing run! Danny Hart only 19 definalty gunna be a big contender at world cups next year.
  9. Any one off here going up to the 6 hour dh endurance at fort william this weekend? Always a good race hard work though.
  10. Sure it isnt the other way round? High rollers have large ramps on them for loose dry tracks, and minnions have large square nobbles on. I Maybe wrong, but at DH races people generaly use minnions or wetscreams for front tyres when it's wet and either a minnion or high roller on the rear so it doesn't drag as much when pedeling?
  11. For tyres i'd go for a set of minions rather than get high rollers, that way you will be ok if it rains abit. (Taking it your not planning on getting a couple of sets of tyres for when weather changes).
  12. Might sound abit stupid but is the axel bent or snapped? Also is there the washer between the main bearing in the hub shell and the casette body? I think that it should be about a 2mm washer. Also may sound stupid again but the plastic seal next to the spring and pawls, make sure it's ok, and by that i mean when you pushed it in with a screw driver, did you damage it and got plastic in between the ratchet and pawls? Just to let you know Hope still make the end caps for 06 hubs.
  13. Cearsws cup races are pretty good, should be ok on a hardtail for them if you want to stick on the DMR, Theres a race there this weekend. Think i may be entering that. Also check out Boarderline events for some races around north wales, and also uplift days.
  14. Pretty sure they do it at fort william not 100% sure though.
  15. I love moelfre. Such a fast flat out track all way from top to bottom. Which track was that?