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A Few Questions About Trials


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Few quick questions.

Did you include trials on your personal statements, not sure as they may see it as vandalism.

Ditto but for bmx.

How the hell am i supposed to do the first bleeding line.

And has everyone else sent theirs off yet? Have a horrible feeling i'm gonna get left behind.

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I did, but only mentioned comps and stuff i seem to remember.

I concentrated on telling them how its developed me as a person.

Also told them about my few years racing XC and my 5 London to Brighton runs.

Depends on course, but you can mention the technical/mechanical side of it too.

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I dont go to Uni so I dont have a fancy pants statement.

But I do have a job, and when I fill CVs in I allways stick Mountian biking and biketrials under hobbies.

And when they ask what it is, I explain. Let them think what they want about what sports you do, it wont change how you are as a worker and discourage your employ.

My current Manager asked me to demonstrate this "trials" to him in the car park once.

I rode up the back of an Astra and went through the rear screen.

Still got a job there years later aswell.

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