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Im New To Trials

owain bowles

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In my opinon yes it is good for a beginner. (Y) Mate had one..Learnt him a lot on it too.If you ever get it,Here's what you wanna do (Imo) :

New bar's,Maybe zoo! bar's(If your on budget then dont get the bar's,Tilt your current one's foward insted)




Brake's(hs33 for the win)

Pad's...'Kin load's to pick from.

Crank's...Because the one's on the saracen look horrible.

Have a look around www.tartybikes.co.uk for all the stuff you sould get,For the above list.

Also,Please for the love of trials-forum...Dont start another topic saying what stuff you should get E.g What brake pad's etc etc....Insted just search the forum! :)

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You should be able to find a second hand onza t pro on ebay or in the for sale section here. That will cost about the same as a new saracen but will have much better parts and geometry.

Also instead of buying the saracen and upgrading parts, it might work out cheaper in the long run to buy a better bike to begin with.

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Second hand is the way forward. To be honest i wouldn't bother buying the bike. Yeah it's not bad at that price to be fair but the products are un-compatible with other bikes. Also it most defiantly weighs 30lbs :lol:

Chances are that (not knowing who or what your like) you will give trials up within 2 years. By that time this bike will be falling apart, you find a girlfriend, drive a car, no one else rides anymore or you just can't be bothered because it's too difficult. By that time it will then be worth 20 quid.

On the otherhand a cheap not so bad second hand one won't get too boring, brake and won't loose you as much money when selling it.

A nice bike in the first place would be rather cool but if it isn't what your into then you've lost out. So spend no more than 300 on a second hand bike and it will be sweet for a long while within reason. 300 isn't to bad if 200 will come back to you if you sold it.

The people are here are cool so buying from someone should be hassle free (Y)

Hope that helps and doesn't put you off. (Y)

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what you have said has not put me off it has made me relise wat you are saying is correct and i will try to get a second hade bike off here the only thing is that my limit is 200 pound so i dont no if i could afford one off this web site :( also because i am new i dont understand if the ikes are for sale or just frames

thanks owain

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hey m8

i think i can help with this one my brother has only just started and he has a saracen 2.zero and iv had a couple of goes and find no problems its a winner go for it because the brakes are desent and all the parts are strong enough for a beginer my brother has had his for 2 mounth now and all he has changed is the brakes and he got shimano xtc (v-brakes) and they work perfect even for me theyare a bragen at £20 for a set and u only need to change the crank if u want it to look good but other wise its strong smoth and last's

so good luck with the trials

keep us informed of how things go (Y)

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it has help because it has given me a rage of bikes to look at. because i am new and all is it better to have a seat on a trials bike and wat is ment by mod. (Y)

There's probably going to be mixed opinion on wether to have a seat or not. I would just go for what you prefer because you probably wont feel the difference. Mod refers to the wheel size. A Mod is a 20" bike and a Stock is a 26" bike. (Y)


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