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Crank Won't Tighten


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I have a really old right-hand crank that won't tighten all the way on the bb taper. The bb has some sort of fixed washer.

As you can see in the pic, it butts up against the crank, preventing it from tightening up, and leaving a mark etc! Hope you can see that?

So..... I was thinking of drilling / kinda countersinking the crank a tiny bit so it will fit a bit better. Is this wise.... before I take a drill to it tomorrow?

PS: I don't really care about this crank arm, hope to sort something better in time!

IPB Image

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The BB is to short for that crankset.. Certain cranks are designed to run with certain length BB's.

With cross country crank sets for example, its more important to get this perfect otherwise you wont change gear at the front. For example, a Shimano Tourney (TX71) crankset will run with a 127.5/122 (at a push!) bb.. Where as a Shimano Alivo crankset (TX73?) will run with a 118/115 BB. This is because the PCB is different.

Almost like a car, the offset of the first ring in relation to where the BB meets the crankset is where its detirmined. Although with a car its where the hub is in relation to the centre of the wheel.

Hope that helps.. Looks like you've got a 108mm/110mm BB in your frame atm.. ubber short!

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Yea, it has been a while.. Member number 180 something.. old skool :P

Been to long, had quite a tragic story which put me off the riding scene..

As for your bottom bracket, you could try and hack into the spacer, if money is really tight.. However i wouldn't recommend it. Your cranks will probably hit into your frame.

I've got a 115mm BB here doing absolutely nothing, if you pay the postage (bout £2?) i'll send it you if you want, it is used but was on the XC bike for a little while. Moved onto hollowtech on the XC so no longer need the normal BB. Upto you, just trying to help out if things are tight.

Dunno if that was a welcome back spacemunkee.. But meh.. howdy (Y)

EDIT: Christ! i joined here in 2002.. probably stopped using the forum mid 2004.. Its now almost 2007! Where the hell has time gone.

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Dunno if that was a welcome back spacemunkee.. But meh.. howdy (Y)

if i beleive correctly last time i saw you on here was when i saw a trials rider on you've been framed go through his back wheel during a drop and i wanted to know who it was. Think it was you too

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