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Rememberance Sunday Rides?

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just been looking through all the rides planned for this wkend i'm assuming everyone knows its World War rememberance sunday so lots of towns will be holding services etc

i dont know where you guys are planning on riding exactly but how about everyone who goes straps a poppy onto themselves or bike just to show some respect and avoid areas that might have meaning to others.

its a sombre time for lots of people lets not ruin each others days.

any way enjoy your rides where ever you go i gotta work!

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Just an idea for the poppies, get the large ones that you cable tie to your grill on cars, but put it on the bit where most bike badges are, you know, at the front on the lil tube where the stem goes through the frame (forgot what its's called)


We get enough trouble as is it without wearing a poppy.

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Yeah we had a really nice rememberence sunday ride on Dartmoor for the day last year (See SWTC_Armastice.wmv).

Staying out of massive towns would be a good idea. The year before last me and three mates totally forgot that it was the 11th of november and hooned it down a massive hill into the centre of Bristol from where we'd parked at the top, where about 1000 people were observing a two minute silence, which was hideously interruped by about four sets of maguras screeching to a halt before we piled into the procession.

Felt very, very dumb.

Rich **needs a little poppy emoticon to go here**

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i dont think portsmouth will do anything anyway.
The city was bombed extensively during WW2, destroying many houses and the Guildhall. While most of the city has since been rebuilt, developers still occasionally find unexploded bombs.

Southsea beach and Portsmouth Harbour were military embarkation points for the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944. Southwick House, just to the north of Portsmouth, had been chosen as the headquarters for the Supreme Allied Commander, General Eisenhower during D-Day.

I think they will probably have something happening Ash...


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