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What Cranks To Get For A Mod

Joe Sweeney

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Nice cranks, good and strong, nice looking and perfect length.

My mate runs them and has no troubles what so ever with them.

They also come in isis or square taper and two differnt lengths.

I would strongly reccomend these, or if your after something a bit 'Nicer' as some people would say id get some of these.


But as you can see there allot more money.

Id go for the First link ones. :)

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Is this déjà vu? <clickit <clickit <and clickit again


Yeah what are you trying to say Mr_Tensile ?

Sorry, forgot you were completly stupid, you click the funny little yellow faces and it takes you to the other three topics you mdae on the same thing. Thats what i was trying to say.

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And,what if i post the same ish topic's now and again what's it go to do with you anyway

If you post "the same ish topic's now and again" its a waste of time, space and is generally pointless. And if you don't want other peoples opinion(s), don't go on a ruddy forum you plank.

If you've got anything else to say to me do it on msn (or in person) if you think your hard enough. ;)

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And,what if i post the same ish topic's now and again what's it go to do with you anyway

Sorry mate i must say something.

After checking the stuff you've posted about before all i can see is stuff about the same parts in about 8 different topics, all your doing is wasting forum space asking the same questions over and over.

The next time you want advice on something you've posted about already search the forum for it and refresh it again and stop being lazy.

Even then there about 100 topics by everyone else on here about the same stuff, why not read there post's instead of creating another Topic, i sure your Zona zip isn't going to be that much different to someone else's.

Sorry if that sounds harsh.

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