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Thing Inside Steerer Tube

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Lo bob. I was tightening up the top cap, and it started slipping so i took the bolt and top cap off and the star fangled nut inside the steerer tube (i think this is what it's called) had came right to the top, almost comming out, so i decided to get th' ol' hammer out and twat it, it's gone back in and seems to of held out and sorted the wobble of the forks and frame...

What do i need to do to fix this? Buy new forks (not a great option but my be viable)? Just leave it and make sure the two pinch bolts on the stem are tight? Get a special tool to secure it? etc... I'm just worried that my handle bars are going to come off mid stunt and i face plant/ wreck the bike.

Thanks in advance.

If anything is unclear please feel free to ask for more details.

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Normally just hit the old one out the top (don't try pushing it right out the bottom as the inside diameter of the steerer gets smaller at the bottom of most forks).

Then yep, just twat it in if you feel confident you can keep it straight, but there is a tool for it, but that basically just screws in, then twatting is still required.

Edit: some text talk crept into that post, Shock horror! :o

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