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  1. I thought the same, f**king crazy to think that was 12 years ago! I am indeed Gregory, all good up here, how's life in the granite city? St.Nicks is/was the business So St. Nicks is still rideable Ross? I aint on insta
  2. I know it is Benny T, I do intend to but then again I always do, maybe once day in the near future. I will always be a TGS'er, it's just not in my blood to be a street trials'er Although my back and knees may disagree there.
  3. I did . . . not, but it looked good, I think it came from Greg at the time I had the bike, can't remember who it was sold too Dem bars are sick but seriously, they didn't bother me at the time
  4. The best riding bike I ever owned hands down
  5. Myself and a Mr Greg Wright 100_0323.MOV 100_0328.MOV 100_0329.MOV
  6. 100_0350.MOV 100_0356.MOV 100_0316.MOV 100_0321.MOV
  7. Found these on a very old digi camera I have, there back from 2006-2007, 12-13 years have been eventful since to say the least. I miss trials so much 100_0341.MOV 100_0344.MOV 100_0345.MOV 100_0346.MOV 100_0347.MOV
  8. It's pretty crazy to think that the last post before you was in 2005, when trials was still at it's peak and IMO the golden era for the sport was 2002 - 2009
  9. That sidehop up the fallen tree at 13.59 was bloody impressive and the gap at 17.37 Really enjoyed that video
  10. Thanks for the replies. Think I'd go for an Echo SL if I was to buy brand new May see if anyone in the wanted section has a half decent 05 python
  11. Watching trials videos again
  12. Dead as a dodo Dann
  13. Alright people I was doing a bit of searching for Zoo!, Gu n Echo but I see there doesn't seem to be very much about them anymore, I know trials has evolved since my day, I just didn't realise how much, makes me feel old Can anyone shed some light on the affair? Also, does anyone still have a Zoo Python 2005 short kicking around?
  14. That dropgap was impressive!
  15. I've got the desktop and the xbox connected by wire aswell, dont trust wireless, cable is best IMO, you should notice a difference