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Chain Tensionairs


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Ok den, Has any one got a good tensionair that they think I should buy? Im a bit gutted that freshproducts have gone missin...


the best thing to use is a old mech they are more reliable and keep the same tension all the time , but if you want something more compact and lighter the only tensioner i would us is the rohloff it has the same kind of spring tension as a mech.


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Judging from all my friends experience's the most reliable and strongest tensioner widely availibe is the Gusset Batchelor, There compatible with quick release or bolted (hope) hubs, dont require any cocking around to get the chain line correct and only cost £12, And there the simplest design I've seen yet for a fixed tensioner.

IPB Image

But if you can afford the rohloff then get one, you won't regret it.

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I haven't used a fixed tensioner so I can't compare, but if you wanted a (cheaper) sprung tensioner, try a Surly Singleator? Mine lasted about a year and a half, included being landed on several times, and outlived a few mech hangers. Eventually I had to change the spring, now its fine again. About £30.

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ive run a surly singlator, was impressive and worked well, as said above took quite a beating before it died, then i had spare cash and bought myself a rohloff, best investment ever, line'd it up screw'd it on and havnt touched it yet, altho running a fat chain, it ahs to be slightly modified, but mine run's sweet

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