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  1. Something we found out petitioning for a park was that the authorities are rarely interested in peoples views that aren't rate payers, or their children. It's not their job to provide amenities for surrounding people, so unless it's a paying facility there's no benefit in it for them, all you're saying is "you'll spend £xxx allocated to our residents and its going to get worn out by residents from another area." You might be better off writing to local authorities nearby that have successfully built skateparks and getting them to provide a written statement as to the success and popularity of the park. There does seem to be a genuine shift (or call it a trend) where they are starting to sit up and take notice of something other than football and tennis courts, and it sounds like you're getting on well so good luck with it, it'll happen eventually!
  2. Proof that girls are evil.
  3. Suzi Perry's face is a massive turn off.
  4. Didn't someone do a frontflip on a BMX from static off the side of a quarter/halfpipe? There was a video floating around of just the flip quite a while ago. Can't get youtube at work so can't find the clip at the moment to check.
  5. Good post! TF was probably one of the first forums I was on after I started trials about 10/11 years ago. Not ridden for ages (and was always rubbish) but TF's a place you can always come back to, and also like you said - when you think back to the past the memories aren't just about the riding.
  6. Haven't been on here for ages but thought this video warranted a trip back! Awesome video, I do agree with Matt and others that it didn't have as much of a 'pow' factor and the explosive moments of epicness that April 09 did but that doesn't take anything away, it's just a bit of a different style. The editing I thought was awesome, scenery was fantastic. I did wonder for a few moments if Dave Sowerby had done it or if he'd been nudged to one side but it was good to see him credited at the end. Though it was a but 'Akriggy' with some of the moves and terrain but again that's no bad thing. As for the Trials = TGS argument, some people here clearly didn't start riding trials on DS1's and Trailstars loaded with yellow mags and D521's. If trials riding has seriously deteriorated to just 3 moves then i'm not missing much by the sounds of it. Show me some 360 drops, rolling hops and interesting lines any day of the week.
  7. Thats the thing, the Anarchists Cook Book mixed everyday nuisance pranks with IRA style pipe bombs, which I guess is bad news if people look up pranks and realise how easy it is to go a step further if they've got some religious/social/political issues. There are things like smoke bombs made of tin foil and ping pong balls, but there are also things equivelant to electroncially detonated grenades made out of quite accessible components that could wreak some serious havoc if you're of the wrong kind of mentality. I can certainly see why that's on five's radar.
  8. SIS (MI6) is worldwide, Security Services (MI5) is internal. Although GCHQ would be doing the monitoring. Obviously not public knowledge but most likely they just scan through and the computer picks up patterns of certain terms. Then it's probably filtered through different levels to assess the severity. "I want to bomb america" isnt very serious, looking up the anarchists cookbook, Jihad forums, Yemen terror training camps and suppliers of fertilizer and hydrogen peroxide however would probably cause more of an alarm. I've probably mentioned enough terms there to have the spooks pay me a visit
  9. Agreed, it's so easy to fix its unbeleivable, and how people don't notice i'll never know. IMO we should be made to carry spare bulb kits. Not to mention the amount of cars i've followed this month with 2 outta 3 of their brake lights not working, and one with one brake light failure, and nothing but a single, very dim tail light covered in dirt. I've not been pulled in over 5 years although i did drive through a no entry sign once into a train station car park (in Milton Keynes so it counts as public highway) and a traffic copp flagged me and gave me the 'lucky i don't fine you and give you millions of points' new driver scare tactic.
  10. The Wonder Years - The Upsides f**king awesome album if youre into pop punk like four year strong tec, gonna be the album of this summer IMO.
  11. Of Machines - Weaving the values that sustain us.
  12. They did toxicology but it came back inconclusive, surely they would have tested for the obvious narcotics so who knows what it is
  13. Anyone know any sites as good as but for widescreen (16:9). Closest I can get is 16:10 which makes the hotties look fat or chops their heads off. Cheers.