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Stock Or Mod


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Generally, Mods are cheaper and have less things to replace on them and are the better option for shorter people like Alex :P Or not so short me, so unless you're a tall mofo i'd recommend a mod, but it's totally up to you and it's your own personal preference.

Stocks are ovbiosuly more expensive, have more parts to break and are for the taller rider, and ideally you have to be that little bit stronger with them being heavier (in most cases anyway)

Hope this helps.

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nice one guys i have just ordred a onza woodstoock sould be hear in a few days cant wait to get riding again bin a while. thought this would be the best place to find good rides as all the lads i used to ride with have kids or have got married and dont ride eney more. eney one from the bedfordshitre area?

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