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  1. This looks mint. Reppin the DCD aswell. Brings back so many memories
  2. Yeah, take notes...
  3. Still got yours?
  4. I enjoyed that, well done. Make more.
  5. Even my girlfriend noticed this and said it was shit. The events in Aalter,Val Di Sole etc were a much better viewing experience. For one they actually had coverage from inside the sections, following the rider as they progressed and showing all the close ups of the necessary precision required. That is what competition trials is all about right? So how is it beneficial for the cameraman to be perched up in a tower, with a single angle for the viewers to 'enjoy' is beyond me. Also I missed the Burton commentary, having him or someone else talk makes it a better watch. Hopefully he wont qualify at the next round and will commentate
  6. Said to myself before the bail of the final clip "fair play if he rides down that" Great vid as always. Props to you for continuing to produce the goods.
  7. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.
  8. Come on mate. The last 4 or 5 times I've come on here and seen one of your topics posted I've come in for a watch and it's been removed. I Don't think I'll waste my time again and dare I say it possible other people in my situation too. People will be sick to death of it soon and may not even leave comments or feedback for you, which would be a shame as the videos you do occasionally leave up have some interesting and creative riding in them.
  9. Good vid guys, that looks like an awesome place to ride. You guys are spoiled for riding in Canada.
  10. No mate, I quit 2 and a half years ago. Think I sold it for 50 quid buddy! Probably still going strong.
  11. Fair play, impressed with the rail swaps.
  12. Bunny hop at Victoria Square? Seriously?!