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Hey Jake, when you coming over to ride some comps?

How about a British round?

Cheer's Sam. (Y)

MM I'd say british round could be a bit out of my league but I hope to be going to uni in scotland or wales next september, hopefully dundee, so might make it to a few scottish rounds or if I manage to hook up with the right people get a lift down to some comps in the north........

Speaking of comps am i right in thinking that because im 19 i'd have to enter elite if I wanted to compete for points but can enter a lower category and not recieve point's towards the final standings?

very nice update man...

but the only thing, change the rear rimtape...that yellow one doesn't match with silver...(its only my opinion)

but anyway (Y)(Y):)^_^

Yeh it's all I have at the moment and hadnt been bothered yet to get it changed, I thought it kinda brought out the yellow in the graphics a little bit, I guess I should get myself another white one for the rear to match the front, but what will I do when I end up getting white rims, which is definetaly going to end up happening sooner or later....

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