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165mm Cranks On A Stock?


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why the hell would you want them on anything, al it means is less leverage which means less power

Because it means you can move the cranks faster as there is less distance to move them. They feel nice you like to do full rotations of your cranks quite alot, It all depends on your style of riding really, smooth and flowing = short cranks, big power moves = long cranks.

One of my friends runs 165 burns on his ashton and it feels really nice, and I have 165 RaceFaces on my 24" which also feels nice.

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Got 165s on my Base.

I think it depends on your gear ratio as to how f**ked up they feel. Generally speaking I think you're better off with longer ones on a stock because you've got more leverage then, whereas with 165s you've got to stamp on the pedals a bit more (not a lot, but it might make a difference to you).

If, however, you've got a spinny ratio and find yourself riding longish distances on your stock, then go 165s, it makes long missions easier on the legs ;)

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