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Cones On My Chris King Classic Rear Hub,

Ben Beckett

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the cones on my hub keeps coming loose......i take the wheel off, and tighten the cone then a day or so later it is loose again! this is begining to annoy me so i was wondering what is causing it to keep coming loose; have you ever had this problem.......if so how do you resolve it.....should i just 'locktighte' it, or................?

cheers matey. (Y)

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Un do the axle!

Keeping the allen key in the drive side axle

Do up the lock ring really tight with you fingers only. Push down on to it helps!

Then fit the non drive side axle

Tighten up so the will will pull one side, 110LB is a fair wack of torque!

Check the bearings do not bind.

Go ride!

If you keep getting the probs it'll be due to it being ridden whilest lose!

You'll need to take it all apart.

Get some BLUE locktight.

Cover all the threads on the axle once they are dead clean and just leave them over night. Like how you get some crank bolts covered in the blue stuff!

Do all ther above! This should sort it out!

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