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Hope Bulb

Lee Cable

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they dont fix it for free, if it is just a service you want??? best thing to do is go onto the web address and e-mail them, tell them what you have and what you would like done and they will give you a quote,

i mailed them about a bulb i had and they said it would cost £42+ postage (i think) to replace the springs, pawls, ratchet and the freehub body. so that is a bargain really.

hope this helps mate (Y)

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lee i told you to do this ages ago, unfortunately, hope probably wont do it free anymore, i think the charge is around the 35quid mark? if you can get them to just replace the ractchet, it will be a tad cheaper i hope, seeing as it had only just been rebuilt with a new ti freehub body, ratchet, pawls, springs and bearings when you had it off me :) just buy my revolver and acs claw and ebay the wheel ;)

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