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  1. F1

    @Mark W did you read Adrian Newey's book? If not I highly recommend it.
  2. Ah yeah totally didn't spot that.
  3. @Ross McArthur did find these for sale... Pricey but nice. Also have the 1.5" rise version, and brand new ORC stems!!
  4. A bit of artistic licence there perhaps then. Would be interesting to see the prototype Inspired actually, if it still exists. Totally forgot about Kris Leeson, definitely a pioneer.
  5. I think it's fair to say that Edd and Martyn kicked off the 24 revolution, and provided a lot of inspiration. It's still nuts to think back to how innovative Edd's riding was, even in the Pashley days. Some of those videos where the faces of other people (like his brother Matt, and Akrigg) were just "wtf" after he'd done something inconceivable.
  6. Nice, thanks for sharing. My Justice frame still hangs up in my parents garage.
  7. Moist...
  8. Best shape bars ever. Still have the silver ones I bought in 2004 and I can clearly remember the first ride I had on the bike with them.
  9. Great choice of parts. I always feel that inch diameter bars (rather than 31.8) look way better on the older bikes. Tasteful crank/bash choice too. This is going to be a beast! (Somebody sell me some black Azonic bars!!)
  10. God damn, looks new!! Is it? Either way an amazing buy.
  11. Mental...
  12. Looks like a fun project, definitely an unusual-looking Leeson - a custom build for someone back in the day? Good idea adding the seat - I always thought the Ashton and Pashley 26GHz looked more 'complete' than seatless low frames.
  13. I have the same frame and forks (mine is one of two made in blue for Martin Hawyes but the geometry is presumably the same) which I built up years ago to try out. The rear end was probably around 390mm, I remember it feeling noticeably less fun and stable on the back wheel than the early Ashton Justice frames. Wheelbase I think was probably around 1030mm. I found it ok to ride, but nothing special. Also it was interesting that Giant didn't build it with 4-bolt mounts, something that Martin lamented when I asked him at a British championship round how he liked the new bike (I surmised his opinion to be "not very much").
  14. There's a shoulder on the spindle so the non-drive side keeps it in place... ...but what I don't understand is what stops a sideways impact on the drive-side crank from pushing the bearing/cup out of the shell.
  15. Yeah I'm now leaning towards 11sp with the Hope cassette...