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  1. Engine out of a CR500 motocross bike for a start...
  2. F1

    To be fair though there's no way they could've known Lewis was about to zip in
  3. F1

    That pitstop though...
  4. Mastery
  5. Watched "Calibre", pretty intense film, worth watching.
  6. F1

    Seems Bottas can't win! He's raised his game and yet still people are just suggesting it's the car. He's on occasion out-performing a 5-time world champion, surely that counts for something? Be interesting to see how qualifying goes tomorrow.
  7. Who leaves all that lot in a van in a hotel carpark overnight...
  8. yawn
  9. Ender was dope
  10. I've been doing a bit of the Trans Euro Trail ( in Germany on my new Africa Twin - amazing fun...
  11. F1

    It's going to be interesting seeing how it all comes together. I won't see it until the highlights on C4 at 2pm, so I'll have to remember to keep away from here!
  12. That exact one? I want it!
  13. Maybe we need a new thread ; )
  14. Just for you @Mikee ...