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  1. Looking amazing. Well done for getting the right parts and not resorting to using modern parts like oversize bars etc, always think that ruins a build like this.
  2. Prior to that he had yellow p-bones. At the urban tour in 1999 he had two bikes in the back of his car, one with the p-bones and one with black fattys. They were both earlier frames with the round downtube. Loads of pics in this thread...
  3. Such an amazing event. I also remember seeing Tim Stedman killing it afterwards, on a Saracen or something.
  4. Looks amazing! I seriously need to get on with my one.
  5. At least your dick didn't rot off though
  6. In fairness, they look no less ridiculous than most 1060+ trials bikes. Geometry seems a habit of going nuts. The Pinkbike film was quite entertaining, especially when he was showing the designs to the factory reps in Taiwan!
  7. I pay £300 a month for a very good accountant to do both my personal and business returns. He more than covers his costs and it's one less thing to worry about.
  8. "better", of course, being a relative term...
  9. Funny how big bike companies are taking on trials riders again, like they once did.
  10. 1999 was such a great year for riding! But then we probably all have happy memories of our earlier years. I definitely see 1998 to 2002 as a kind of golden era.
  11. Ashton's Trials Academy part 5 ft. Martyn Ashton, Midsummer 1999.
  12. Ashton's Trials Academy part 4 ft. Martyn Ashton, August 1999. (I think a few pages are missing)