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  1. If I visit my parents over xmas I must dig out the articles I promised to this thread. Sorry Ross for letting the side down!!
  2. Anyone know how to get light mud/cow shit/dirt stains off white paint? Soap and sponge isn't doing it. Could I use tar remover, or do I need to use polish? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Looks really good, been following your progress on the Instagram, plus of course all the other great pics on there
  4. Thanks for the insight. Always something that's impressed me because I can understand that it's a tough job to do really well.
  5. Some great moments there! Makes sense what you're saying. And you guys usually work as a pair? Because that's the other thing, I wonder how on your own you can do it all.
  6. Working at 35mm, how do you deal with people playing up to the camera? Or do you just wait until they think you've got the shot and snap one more? You know that thing where a camera appears and people start doing a thumbs-up or whatever.
  7. I can see how that would make for a much better photo set, and one that shows the day as it was, not moments provoked by the camera.
  8. Once I was coerced into shooting a very-much-now-ex-girlfriend's graduation ceremony, and it was a complete disaster. Unless you have decent experience in similar shooting environments you might like to undraft yourself...
  9. Besides, bike trials started with people doing something different on the wrong sort of bike...
  10. Year before I had 3 weeks!! A group of us rented a self-catered chalet, so cooked for ourselves but each had a double bed room with en-suite, and a big garage to use for bike storage/workshop. This year was my fifth in a row going over there so I've ridden quite a lot. Morgins is a lesser-visited but amazing park, definitely one of my favourites. The Pleney Black is an absolute classic, one day we did that about 10 times on the trot working on different bits of it. If I could have a day doing anything though it'd be sessioning the black runs at Châtel, so much fun to be had there. I will be going back next year, probably late July, so let me know nearer the time if you go too.
  11. Way back then, the Crescent was a frame many of us longed for. Fortunately I can't think of many commercially available frames that I wanted that much and didn't end up buying, although I remember really liking the old DBR frames that Tibo rode, and would've had one if I didn't already have the Vario. Oh yeah, and a Zaskar LE in the 90s of course, no way was I ever affording one of them...
  12. Altitude now rocking a DHX2 rear shock, and it rides great. Did two weeks in Morzine in the summer was such a nice bike to ride...