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Just wondering, as i know people do have other hobbies rather than trials :P if anyone does airsoft? Im soon to get my ICS M4 rifle and cant wait to go to one of the local games. Its guna be amazing!

IPB Image

And for those who dont know what airsoft it, its basicly like paintball, but alot more cooler and cheaper, with BBguns basicaly.

Be nice to hear from some other trials riders, ill be driving soon so wouldnt mind travling far to meet people, game during the day ride at night :) Can't wait!

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I have a bb gun but not a full on one like that... its enough to draw blood from 10-15 feet away though.. its funny as f**k shooting mates feet. Its just a toy really though, paintballing is MUCH more fun.

Airsoft sounds good but, imo i think paintballing is better.

Still on the other hand i have never played airsoft so cant judge both.

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