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My New Hs33

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Hi all

i bought some brakes today on e-bay there the green hs33 i thought i could do with a new pair because the 05 ones i have keep going wrong.

Have any of you got these :) i think they look really nice and should go well with my bike, also when you buy brand new hs33 do they come with pads if not what ones would you all recommend for ground rims in winter.

I now pads have been brought up loads but i wanted to let you know about my brakes so i might aswell ask :) .



Also just checking they don't come bled do they :( I have to pay £40 to have them bled when the brakes only cost £75.

here they are they will proberbly not link so copy and paste please.


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Jesus christ NMC is getting bad. £40 for a bleed??? Brand new brakes coming without a fresh bleed? asking if they come with pads?

Shouldn't you have asked these questions before getting the brakes, if at all?

They come bled, with shit pads, and thanks for letting me know you got them, that's put my mind at rest for this evening....

Edit: just realised your post count, :D

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I didn't realize they came bled :D

£40 from the free born in horsham and evans in crawley they said it was a complicated proses :o and is harder than bleeding disks :huh: .

Bleeding is easy, you can do it easily. It should not cost £40 my bike shop charges about £9, Sending to tarty or something would still be cheaper.

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There are so many ways to bleed HS33s.

I found a new way earlier this evening, shame it didn't work too well..

(If you wanna know..click the link in my signature..and scrolll)

It's so easy to do, whichever way you choose.

There are aproximatley 2474 guides on this forum, and probably a couple more on the internet.

At work, (Halfords) we charge the same for any type of brakes..I can't remember the exact price, but it's under £10 labour, but the customers have to pay for cables/oil.

So it should be no where near £40!

Especially if it's around £15 where I work. :turned:

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