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Can You Convert Hope Xc To Bolts On The Axle?


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You cant convert it to Pro 2 style bolts where the hub is actually resting on the bolts in the drop-outs, but you can tap the inside of the hole through the hub and run bolts in it like most mod hubs do.

You just need to remove the axle and hold it in a clamp as you run an M6 tap as far into the QR whole in the axle as you can, and buy 2 of these to go in it.

I've done it on my front coyote hub (very similar to an XC but with both flanges the same diameter) and it works well and was easy to do. And one of my mates has it done to his XC rear hub.

Edit: Managed to type like a retard and forgot to spell check.

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Yes you can, all you need is a m6 tap some parrafin or deisel to lubricate it whilst tapping.take your wheel out of your forks and remove the QR, then put the axel in a vice so that it doesnt spin, then pour some parrafin/deisel onto the tap. Then slowly begin to tap the hole making sure it is kept verticle and that you wind it back every now and again to clean out the thread. Make a thread aproximatley an inch into the axel this will give the screw further to go which means it is less likely to strip. Then go to a engineers supplyer and buy some nice stainless M6x40mm allen screws and some washer to go with or get some of these badboysclick meeeee!. before you put the screws in you may want to apply either some copper slip of grease. (Y)

i did it with my front and rear xc and it is fine.


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