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Rim Tar? Help


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Go to your local hardware store and ask for "Flashtac", its used to fill in gaps and stuff like that on roof's.

Don't go asking for 'roofing tar' or they will look at you like your a dickhead and getting it off the road is just stupid, its hard enough here in 45degree heat, when its soft, let alone in UK at this time of year.

If they don't have Flashtac, ask for something thats used to fill in external cracks/gaps on roofs and exterior walls thats in some sort of black tar material.

Don't get ripped off from ebay, hardware store will probably have a lifetime supply for like 2 pounds. I know you can get like 20m or something like that for $7AUD here in Australia.

Hope I told you before you got ripped off.


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Well I got mine from the local bus stop.. lol, there are different sections to the bus stop and they are joined with tar, get your keys or something else sharp and prize some up.

It will be hard, it will still go onto your rim but not as good so what I did was... I cut it down to a smallish block which would fit into an egg cup, placed it in the egg cup and heated it up using a plumbers blow torch.. Left it to cool then prized it out and it was and still is mint tar for applying to rims... :D

Hope this helps CJ.. (Y)

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Hi its rick.

I think i might be able to help.

My friend phil monks says you can get rim tar of e-bay. If you have a account and they even label it as trials tar so that is quite conveniant. It is quite cheap at around £2 to £3. The other cheaper option is to get it off the roads when the council are tarring a road neer you. Just ask for a bit it should last ages. I have had a peice about

as big as a fifty pence peice for about a month now and it hasen't worn down yet. I use it quite often if you have a rim grind it should work even better.

PS: A rim grind will wear tar down a little more quikly than without a grind.

Hope ive helped.


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i dont really understand what it is i need without sounding stupid. can you not but it from a buliding shop i have looked in a few but all they have is bitichamin

(Y) Bitumin = Tar lol thats wat they use to do the roads, roofs and most importantly our squeaky brakes :D

IF you can get hold of that from your local, then do !! and a grind can be better than tar but with the right setup, pads and a decent amount of tar your brake'll never slip on you

Joel ;)

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Seriously though,

Go to your local hardware store and ask for flashtac, you will get something like 100x as much for the same price of like 2 or 3 pounds and you dont have to have ebay or worry about postage or anything.

Save yourself being ripped off!

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I use a spray wich is really sticky, you use it in your cars engine so that the "Belt" (Dunno whats it called) wich spins really fast stays grippy and so on.

Cost me like nothing and it lasts for months.

So just ask for a sticky spray in a car-parts shop and you should be fine.

Oh, now i remember, i think its called belt-spray. I use Crc Belt-Spray.


Now i remember for real, its called Belt-grip, spray on and youre ready to go.

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It may have been said, but the most significant way of improving your brake is to get rid of the kool stop pads and get some proper trials pads. Echo pinks or the yellow plaz pads. It'll make a hell of a difference. (Y)

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dont get ripped off on ebay. ask your local road layer or builder if they have any bitumen(sp) spare and they will probably give you some. bitumen=tar:)if you cannot find anyone to give you tar prize it off the road and melt it that will make it softer.some lamposts even have tar on them!

Tom (Y)

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