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First Piece Of Footage Of Abdab...


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My computers gettin re-booted very soon so ive put some old clips of me together. The editing is very poor as I have quickly slapped it all together...Slight edit at the beggining of the vid thats it :P

The first part of the video is from last summer when I was riding my Python, and then the rest of the footage is me on my 07 Control. (Which is the most recent footage of the video)

Comments would be very welcoming and appreciated...

Dont really care about the editing as I allready know that it is very poor because I havnt had time to put it all together.

The song is Pendulum - Blood sugar

And here is the linky :DAbdab_clips01

Hope you enjoy lardsssssssssssssssssssss....


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loved it!

You look like damon on 26

you riding 26 now???


Thanks for that comment I feel so privilaged :$ ahahaa

And yeah im riding 26" now... Got myself a T-Rex now though so there should be a vid out of me on that soon too chuk.


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Loved the vid, Abdab. You're f**king awesome. I haven't seen you in ages - definately need to meet up! (Y) I thought the start of was quite fast enough for the music, ie. too much setting up, clips too long etc., but it really started to kick in and was mega!

There's some really mad stuff in there, mate. Again, well done...

I remember when i spotted that line at 1:35 :D ...



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