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Snapage! Has This Happend To You?


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well today me and a bunch of mates had a day planned in Glasgow skatepark(unit 23), we planned it weeks ago, so i thought i would take my street bike instead of my Onza Zoot so i did, i change my street bike rear brake in to a disk instead of having my Vbrakes(as the Vbrakes needed new pads), but about half an hour in this happened


i was gutted, my day was over, a 3 and a half hour journey wasted just to snap my rear disc mount :angry: , and im wondering has this happened to anyone before??


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that a mono trial disc?

Yeh, standard disc mount's can't stand up to the forces trials bike's exert on them. I'd imagine if you were using perhaps a less grabby disc, it may have been allright. At least you've got V-Brake's anyway.

yea its the mono trials!! and just put the Vs on again!!!

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