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Disc Size


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Check what size your mount can take on your forks.

Afraid i dont follow. With any set of modern trials forks they come with Internation standard (IS) mount on them meaning that its the same size regardless. When you buy a bigger rotor, the caliper and shizzle is the same, you just get a conversion adapter to move the caliper into its new place :)

As for the size I've got a 203mm avid bb7 and its perfect. Im pretty sure a 160mm will do a similar job but obviously 180 will probs give you that extra confidence in your brake. Also if you ride alot of natural, (or street for that matter) you got to bare in mind a bigger rotor will get in the way sometimes........

Hope that helped (Y)

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Im thinking of getting a hope mono trial but i dont know if i should get a 160 or 180, which would be best for a 20", do you have any preferences.


Hi there wel i have a 180 nrotor and it is a beast but also my mate has a 160 rotor also on a 20" and it relitivly the same. I would personaly get your self a 180 rotor. (Y)


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my 160 had great modulation but you really had to pull it to get your rear wheel up high enough to get a decent switch in

180 gives good lock and modulation

my 203 was f**king insane not much modulation but for just raw power was f**king awsome

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