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Cutting Brake Cables And Housings?


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Bit of a n00bish question really but how should i go about cutting a brake cable and the housings to size? What tools do i need?

Also i need to crimp the brass fittings after cutting the cable and housings. What should i be using to do this?

I know that there a proper tools to do this sort of thing but i doubt its worth spending the money when i'll hardly ever sue them.

Its a 'Odyssey Linear Slic Kable' if that helps.

I thought i'd ask as i dont really to bugger up a new cable just because i dont know what im doing. Tried the search but couldnt find what i was after, so sorry if its been posted before.

Thanks for any help.


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Getting a nice clean cut is important on both cables and housing to stop them fraying etc. There is a method I have used which works well when you dont have cable cutters nearby (ie on a trail miles from home). You need 1) a sharp knife (like on those multi-tools, not a kitchen knife etc), 2)something firm to put the cable/housing on - good piece of dead wood or a rock that wont shatter, 3) something to strike the blade of the knife with - another rock. 2 can be subsituted for a hard bench or even a flat piece of steel. 3 can be substituted for a hammer.

Place the blade over the cable/housing on the hard surface and whack it hard with the hammer in a single go.

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Alright, thanks guys (Y) will have to give that ago. Dont know if i can be bothered to buy the right tools so think the slightly bodge style method will have to do lol!

Anyone know how i should go about pinching the brass fitting at the end of the cable and housings?

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Bikehut cable cutters do the job nicely, if you want a really good cut on it.

Even has a little spikey bit to open the ends out more.

If not, some 'normal' cutters on pliers will do the job, as long as they're sharp. ;)

The bike hut calbe cutters are pretty decent, will do the job for the home mechanic! I have a set just for outers and a pair of sidecutters of cables!

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