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  1. I kinda want one
  2. What Because frame is that? The bike looks awesome.
  3. Sweet, will be getting a few beers in tonight and watching all of these over the weekend!
  4. I have recently switched from DMR Cult cranks (which were very good and lasted me 5 years) to the Eagle GX, they are super easy to fit and I can feel the weight difference when riding. They are a really nice setup with the Inspired Bashguard.
  5. Loved it, Arizona looks fun. Too hot for me down there.
  6. Thanks was great to see it again
  7. Great stuff, enjoyed it.
  8. Haha yeah maybe. I used have a hard drive with a load of old videos on but it died Awesome, thank you.
  9. Bit of a bump, but been trying to find this video for the past week. Can anyone hook me up?
  10. Gravity 27five SS for hacking about on. Needs some wider bars and a slicker saddle just for looks.
  11. It definitely isn't the axle, I think the washer is there, it wouldn't work without that, would it? The wheel is working fine otherwise. First time, no. When I did it second I used all the proper tools, could dismantle it and put it together again.
  12. My rear wheel has a slight wobble from side to side. It is a Hope Pro2, replaced the hub bearings twice (once with generic bearings and once with official hope bearings) Any ideas, as it makes setting up my brake a pain.
  13. Amazing stuff from Danny, one of my favourites.
  14. These are really cool dude, keep them coming
  15. Ultimate Arms, SD7 lever, Odyssey linear slic cable, Shimano booster, Koxx browns with heatsink backings on a dead grind were awesome. Miss that brake. New deore levers are nice, run mine rear one upside down so the split clamp is more knee friendly.