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  1. Looking forward to seeing the circus stuff. I may be in Richmond in a month with work, if the stars align I will try and get to a show.
  2. I use it, mainly because it easy to keep in touch with family and friends now I am in the USA. I dn't really do the status thing anymore and only share a few things. There are a couple of good groups I am in, which helps keep me on there.
  3. FBM in the USA build custom frames (not just BMX) and I know they have built a street trials frame. They have years of experience building BMX frame so should be plenty strong enough. I have heard they are pricey. The custom BMX frames start at $535 and they have a track frame starting at $1500.
  4. Video was great and riding was fantastic. Yeah the Adidas stuff was in your face, but it was a 'Hey Danny Mac wears our shit now' video and a bigger sponsor should mean bigger concepts and more videos.
  5. I haven’t a clue about discs brake so. a) Magura MT Sport b) Shimano XT M8000 c) Shimano Zee M620 Anything else worth considering that is good value? The M6000/7000?
  6. I am hoping he goes to prison in his forthcoming trial. Won't happen though.
  7. That is some great balance, I can barely stand up most of the time
  8. That was just so much, can't imagine how weird it must be to ride like with a trailer attached.
  9. Excellent stuff dude, you have the best hooks in the game. The stairs line was super fun.
  10. I had a go on a Hex fairly recently, definitely a great bike. If only i could afford one.
  11. As Mark said, A bike is better than no bike, so get out there and have fun. And that video posted above is a really useful for getting your head round the basic.
  12. Vlog was great, you are looking comfortable on the bike.
  13. Got into trials the same as a lot of other people around my age, had a friend into mountain biking and bought a cheap 2nd hand mtb (Univega Alpina) when I was 15/16. Started buying a few copies mbuk and saw The Marty(i)ns and other doing there thing. Then bought the Tricks and Stunts specials (Bought a GT Backwood around this time) and a friend and I learnt how to back hop, doing a few tricks, while messing about and still mountain biking. When went down to Bike 98 or 99, can't quite remember and saw Ackrigg, The Marty(i)ns, Ryan Leech, Jeff Lenosky and a bunch of others doing the trials demo. A couple of us were hooked. Around this time I had some epileptic fits, which meant I couldn't drive for 7 years, so that really pushed me towards bikes. I have bought a DMR Sidekick, which was a great little bike and really helped my progression. Then I moved to Leeds for Uni, bought a PX Zebdi and met up with the rest of Damnation Guys. Now at 38, yeah I still ride. Really because I still enjoy and it is super easy for me to get out and ride local stuff for a couple of hours. Also, having moved to America, it is cool riding stuff you know probably hasn't been ridden before. Yeah I can't hop quite as high, I am not quite as 'brave' in the stuff I try now and it takes longer to recover, but I have ridden fixie, road, bmx and mtb, it is trials keeps pulling me back. I do enjoy riding my single speed mtb now and taking those trial skills to the trail. As long as I still have fun, I will still ride and I can't see myself never having a trials bike. One thing I would still love to do I build my own frame.
  14. Yeah that was jaw dropping. Film looks great, will definitely watch it