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  1. That is some great balance, I can barely stand up most of the time
  2. That was just so much, can't imagine how weird it must be to ride like with a trailer attached.
  3. Excellent stuff dude, you have the best hooks in the game. The stairs line was super fun.
  4. I had a go on a Hex fairly recently, definitely a great bike. If only i could afford one.
  5. As Mark said, A bike is better than no bike, so get out there and have fun. And that video posted above is a really useful for getting your head round the basic.
  6. Vlog was great, you are looking comfortable on the bike.
  7. Got into trials the same as a lot of other people around my age, had a friend into mountain biking and bought a cheap 2nd hand mtb (Univega Alpina) when I was 15/16. Started buying a few copies mbuk and saw The Marty(i)ns and other doing there thing. Then bought the Tricks and Stunts specials (Bought a GT Backwood around this time) and a friend and I learnt how to back hop, doing a few tricks, while messing about and still mountain biking. When went down to Bike 98 or 99, can't quite remember and saw Ackrigg, The Marty(i)ns, Ryan Leech, Jeff Lenosky and a bunch of others doing the trials demo. A couple of us were hooked. Around this time I had some epileptic fits, which meant I couldn't drive for 7 years, so that really pushed me towards bikes. I have bought a DMR Sidekick, which was a great little bike and really helped my progression. Then I moved to Leeds for Uni, bought a PX Zebdi and met up with the rest of Damnation Guys. Now at 38, yeah I still ride. Really because I still enjoy and it is super easy for me to get out and ride local stuff for a couple of hours. Also, having moved to America, it is cool riding stuff you know probably hasn't been ridden before. Yeah I can't hop quite as high, I am not quite as 'brave' in the stuff I try now and it takes longer to recover, but I have ridden fixie, road, bmx and mtb, it is trials keeps pulling me back. I do enjoy riding my single speed mtb now and taking those trial skills to the trail. As long as I still have fun, I will still ride and I can't see myself never having a trials bike. One thing I would still love to do I build my own frame.
  8. Yeah that was jaw dropping. Film looks great, will definitely watch it
  9. They look decent. Any good without gloves?
  10. I had a spin on a hex fairly recently, they are super nice. I would consider one if I was looking for something new, it would be tough to move away from the Arcade though. The bike looks great, the mk1 fourplays are great frames. Have fun.
  11. Which ones are the nipple grips? Big fan of ODI grips, might try them ... I ran longnecks for years, great grips but the sensus work way better in 40C temps with no gloves.
  12. Really enjoyed that. The bike looks interesting, would love to have a go.
  13. I think it was Evolve, yeah that section is fantastic. It is still how I want to ride on rocks, fail every time.
  14. Getting some higher bars would be a good start. Most bars are 31.8 now, maybe Trialtech or Inspired Arcade and a 90 or 100mm stem.