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My Finished Zoo :)

Mike W

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hey just thought id post up my FINALLY finished zoo python

the spec is:

frame:zoo python short

forks:zoo python

rear wheel:profile hub(grape) on try all 07 rim

front wheel: echo cnc rim on purple viz disc hub

front brake: hope mono mini 160mm

rear brake:maggie with braided hose zoo booster and rock pads

cranks:echo forged with ZHI bash(purple) and surly sprocket

stem: echo team

bars:zoo risers(silver)

BB:skf bfr 300

tyres:maxxis CC

pedals:dmr v8s

so what do you think ? :)

dunno how to put a pic of it :$


mikey W

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sounds like a bit of a clash of colours but until i see a picture i am only guessing

the way to upload photos on to the tread is too click on the attach file this lets you pick which picture you want and then click upload

this should let you upload the pictures and show your bike to all of us

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the grape is purple by the way, not the horrid green one :| :P

i bought some of the stuff second hand so im not sure how much al together got it insured for 1300 though :)

i think the rear wheel was around 215 from tarty plus its a really good wheelbuild the hub alone is 170 i seem to remember lol

thanks for the posts, keep em coming (Y):)

mikey W

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