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What Cameras For Trial Videos You Use?


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I'm looking for a new camera, and i want to know, what video cameras you use. Just write the name of the camera, and link to your video. It will be a big big Thank you!

thanks. :rolleyes:

Hey well i don't have a vid up yet but will do soon i would recommend you get your self a sony mini dv cam my mate has just bought one and its minty bobs.


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Best camera to get could be a Sony, can't go wrong with them. The quality of them is almost perfectly clear, but of course the file size would be massive, but even when it's compressed it's still good quality. The type of camera, as said above, is the MiniDV which means basically it can connect to your computer using a special cable (which I have forgot)


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I've got a Sony handycam - records straight to mini dvd. The quality is amazing and it records in surround sound, but being a Sony a 10sec clip is 10mb lol but this vid is compressed so it's still great when compressed quite a lot.

Joel ;)

That isn't a lot really, mines about 3-4mb/s... 5 year old panasonic mini DV.

Main things you want to look for are quite a wide viewing angle... the bigger the viewing angle the more the camera can fit into the shot. This can be changed later via wide angle lenses should it be a problem.

You'll also want the largest amount of OPTICAL zoom you can afford... many advertise 400 and 600x digital zoom, which sounds good... but in reality its crap, the picture is all grainy and hard to make out.

Decent battery life is good as well for obvious reasons its practically impossible to charge a camera mid ride.

A large tft screen is a bonus, but not essential. The same for effects, as these can be applied using video editors on the computer. A decent anti-shake is helpful though, maybe a night mode too for evening riding and generally better dark scenes (porn films ***!).

A direct link to the pc via firewire cable (IEEE1394.... i think) is pretty much standard but just make sure as its a better way of transfering the film than usb as it has a higher transfer bandwidth.

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