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How Many Bikes Have You Had....?


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Hi there i was just wondering how many bikes have you had all together

since you have been riding i have only had one so far and it is doing me well.

so just tell me and explain what they have been like and how and what happen

to them because im intrested...

thanks bennyb (Y)

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Well my first bike was a GT agresor XS this bike was abused ended up being sold for £15 then i got a mission prodigy 20" this was a great bike untill it was stolen from inside my house the same night. :blink: so then i got an onza t-mag which i had for some time untill i swapped or sold to get a db t1 i think it was, from there i got an old square tubed t-pro after that a new t-pro which got stolen, then a dmr sidekick ltd edition then a zoo pitbull then an 06 pitbull then my dmr again then a orange hitman some where in there a few bmxs and yeah thats the most of it bit hard to follow what bikes i have had and when but at some point i have owned them

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ohh had an old monty 20" aswell at some point and a da bomb and a planet x lmao i cant remember half the bikes, i will see if i can find my pinkbike account cos most should be on there ....................undefined forgot about my dmr rythem and old white sidekick that was the one with out the APS so very old now. there are more bikes i will have pics on my computer some where so if you want any info or pics give me a shout :D

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Trials bikes

saracen x-cell

merlin trials

orange zero

another orange zero

onza tmag

onza t-pro

azonic ds1

saracen xtort


base ta26

another t-pro

new t-mag

another t-pro

pashley 26ghz


zoo pitbull

leeson clear 660

another clear 660


ashton mk1

another old t-mag

saracen mad

megamo equip pro

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I think that's it. Probably had a few others.

They're not in order btw


fly mcgyver

s&m dirtbike

easton metalhead

pashley kye forte

wethepeople 4 seasons

macneil ruben

hoffman of some sort

Jump bikes

azonic ds1


azonic steelhead

gt chucker

kona shred

dmr rhythm

Downhill bikes

santa cruz super 8

specialized bighit

That's all I can think of at the moment haha

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Hi there m8 ive only had 1 bike and its a custom tbird but ive only been riding for about 5 or 6 months and im planning on getting a monty Ti


'planning' on getting one rick....lol, we will see when u get one.... taxted the first go if u do :P

c you mate ..suli.... AKA to you and your bro's....brownie/brown finger...lol

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hey, i've had 2 trials so far, i hate a zona zip with t-mag parts which cost me £570 and i broke that quite quickly >_< doin a 12 pallet drop off which wen v.wrong. i feel to the floor head first and streched the head tube :( so i sold the parts but recently i brought a 26 for £550 and i luv it loads, i liked the mod its just the steerin is not nice, n 26 is great :D.

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hi i have only bin riding about 6 months i have had 3 bikes thirst was

mission prodigy which was (sh*t)

onza t-raptor which cracked but wosnt to bad

and im riding a ashton justice 20 which is amazing

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Hi, I started on an Onza T-Vee, it was s**t but as it was my first trials bike I thought it was amazing!!! lol I snapped the bottom bracket in it doing a drop about five foot high lol:lol:. As I have only been riding about 6 months, I have only had that and a T-Mag which I love lol, I know it isn't the best of bikes but I really like it.

CJ.. (Y)

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well over the past 2 years i have been riding i have had 6 bikes, megamo rookie 01, monty x-hydra 02, da-bomb pro 05 (for like 2 days), monty x-alp, monty 221 pro 07 (got robed), monty 221ti 04 (best bike ever) so thats all my trials bikes so far all of wich were 20",


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My first trials bike was a mod, it was called a Hardcore, it was white and it was really rubbish. Then my mate said i should get a stock, so i sold the hardcore and bought a Handsome Dog of off Ebay, there was quite alot of things wrong with it so I only kept that for about three weeks. I then sold that and started bmxing, after i while i got bord of bmxing and bought an Onza t-pro. I kept the t-pro for a while as i loved that bike. Then i sold that to the same person that bought my hardcore and then bought a Onza t-mag, I didn't really like the t-mag so after a while I bought the the same t-pro frame. Now i am saving up for a Gu tyhoon frame. B)

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I have had 5 Trials bikes in the last year.


1.Onza t-pro 2002 edition.= bored of it

2.Koxx levelboss 04 edition. =cracked

3.Zoo phyton 05 long. =sold

4.Monty 221 pr 07 edition. =sold

5.Monty 221 ti 06 edition. =still got

6 = T-pro frame this week .= getting this week :rolleyes:


1.Pirahna was really poo.= in bin

2.Felt base =sold

3.Wethepeople daredevil. MINT=sold


1.Pulse x-1.=bin

2.Coyote dual.=bin

Thats just about everything, I think for the moment.

Cheers Ross (Y)

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i started with a red baracooder 3 years ago then i got a saracen mad team 05 silver but i snapped that in less than a year. so then i got a gold bt raven 6.0 had that for a year and then one of the bolts snaped of in the 4 bolt mounts on the frame so i got that sorted out i got someone to refred it but it didnt last.The fred whent on it so all i could do was to either send it away to be redun or get it freded to a size 5 bolt but then i would have had to drill a bigger hole in my booster and mounts which i didnt whant to do. so before the crimbo we just had i got another bt raven 6.0 in red :rolleyes: love it...... thats my story.

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