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Tensile Bashring-whats Size To Run?


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Hey guys, speaking to tartys today and they have said to run an 85mm bash with an 18t sprocket however supercycles have said run the 95mm with the 18t. problem is i cant get an 85mm bash for atleast a month!! What are you guys running? cheers-Hugh

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The 95mm one is actually meant for 20t sprockets...

Some months ago I ran the 85mm tensile bash with a 18t sprocket and the clearing was just fine, see pics.

Now I ordered a new 85mm Tensile bash from www.trials-uk.co.uk But the guy sent me the 95mm one, even though it said "Available in: 18T" (N) Unfortunately I can't find any other shop that has it in stock :(



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i run a 20t bashring ring (95cm) on my crankset and i have a 18t free wheel .

the reason for this is because the bash rings are uci style and there not meant to be hit by stuff so there designed to be more minimal and more lightwieght than a standard bashring e.g 74kingz .

so with a larger bashring if i landed hard on it theres less chance i'll damage the freewheel ,because of the greater clearance between the freewheel/chain and the outside of the bashring.

hope i made sence :)


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