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Bleeding Maguras


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1.  Loosen the clamp bolt on the lever and tip the lever up so it's parallel to the floor.

2.  Attach the clear plastic line and  barbed fitting  to the syringe and attach the barbed fitting to the other line. (barbed at one end, screw-in fittings are supplied in the Bleed Kit).

3.  Fill the syringe with fluid  (suck it out of the bottle) and then push out as much air as you can (syringe tip pointing upwards, curve the pipe down into the bottle).   Big Tip - have the bottle held securely so you don't knock it over when wagging the pipe around.  I clamp it between my knees or in the vice.

4.  Remove the bleed screw from the slave (wheel) cylinder and attach the syringe (with clear pipe and screw-in fitting), keep the syringe pointed down (plunger up) so if there is any air in it, it won't go into your system.

Note: successful bleeding relies heavily on the vacuum principle. It’s like the "finger over the end of the straw" trick.  Fluid won’t drain out of the straw until you take your finger off the end. It’s the same with hydraulic brakes – open the lower end only and no fluid drains out.  If you bleed them the reverse way (syringe at the lever end) the fluid would tend to drain out of the system  when you're messing around connecting, introducing air bubbles which will have to be removed.

5.  Remove the bleed screw from the lever and attach the vent tube. Make sure you don't squeeze the lever before you have the syringe and vent tube attached or you'll squirt fluid everywhere.  Please don't squeeze the lever anyways as there is no point to doing this.

*Get a catch container to catch the fluid coming out of the lever. Place the end of the drain hose in it. You can tape the bottle somewhere or have a helper hold it.   I have a small bottle with a thin wire wrapped around its neck and I hang it from my shift cables.

6.  Squeeze the syringe slowly,  pushing its full contents through the system. Stop before you get to any air that's inside the syringe.

7.  Once syringe is empty, remove the vent tube (at the brake lever) and re-install the bleed screw. This step is very important – this is the "finger over the straw" move. It will keep the fluid in the system when the next step is performed.

8.  Remove the syringe screw-in fitting and re-install the bleed screw on the slave.

****all text from magura cult page****


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