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How Many Trials Bikes Have You Had?


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6 separate frames:

da bomb something or other

base t19

monty 221 pr 06

koxx levelboss 05

monty 221 pr 07

currently riding an echo team 07 but i think im going to stick with this one as i ride and suit it perfectley

We were discussing this tonight :)

Ive had 5:

Onza t-mag


Monty pr

black mumba

Im now riding a ZHI!

I love it (Y)

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Well ive had, Mission prodigy, Koxx, Megamo Pro, Monty 221pr, Onza t-pro 2003, Da Bomb Pro and now im riding

Zoo! python 07 and rides really cool so should be keeping this one so thats 7 :P


Will (Y)

Will thought you had a Adamant aswell but swaped it because you side hoped it and choped your mech hanger up?

and no one ever saw your Koxx or the Adamant to be fair

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