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sam briggs-price

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I have an 07 monty 221pr frame on full monty parts with a raceline hs33 on rear and a raceline magura louise disk on front

I have a zona zip with

Zona zip frame,

.Monty 221 pr forks,

.Onza Hog rim laced onto a sealed Onza hub,

.Rear monty wheel,

.Unbranded Front disk,

.04 rear Magura with monty hose splitter,

.Koxx Brown Pads,

.Monty Isis Cranks,

.Monty Isis (Fsa) BB

.Echo vp pedals,

.Echo Team stem,

.Black Zoo! Riser Bars,

.Green Chris King Headset,

.Acs Freewheel.

.Avid front lever.

.Orange Grips.

.Ghetto Green Rim Tape.


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Hi, I have:

Zoo! python 06 short frame.

Monty 221 Ti forks.(getting Zoo this week). :D

Green Echo CnC headset.

Monty 221 Ti carbon effect stem.

Monty 221 Ti riser bars.

Hope Mono Trial disc brake on front.

Monty 221 Ti front heel set up.

Monty 221 Ti cranks with Echo bash ring and cog.

Profile Red Mini cassette hub on back,Black Try All rim.


Try All tryres.

Magura HS33 rear brake Koxx brownz/plazmatic pads.

That Just about covers it I think.

Thanks Ross :)

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You should actually use the bike thread if you want to know this kind of thing.

But considering nobody seems to be complaining, and its a pretty popular thread, i wont rant.

I ride a bmx. If i tell you the spec. You wont know what the hell im on about.

Better to just look it up on page 15 on the bike check thread.

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