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How Did You Get Into Trials ?

Z o o !!

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always wanted to ride FMX but it never went through, got talking to a good uncle and he recomended motor bike trials, my dad agreed to pay out for a sherco 290 and all the kit hehe is i could show him i could ride trials on a push bike and i decided to stay on the non-motorised bikes haha. Then i stopped for about 2 years and i am getting back into it again now because i built up a spare bike in the garage and loved it so i have decided to make a new one :)

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Hi how i got into trials. Well my local bike shop On 2 Wheels had some trials bikes in there and also some of my mates that are a bit older than me were going out riding and they invited me along. After seening them i thought to myself ive got i get me one of these. so i did.


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i first got into trials in august last year because i saw two lads in my home town riding and it just inspired me to start. i watched these lads ride for a while and thought it was amazing what they was doing so i made friends with them and i ended up buying a brand new onza-tpro a few days later. so i have been riding 6 months now and i am loving it, its the best hobbie i have ever had. since i have been riding i have made lots of new friends and been to many places and on many rides. i think by going on rides with good riders makes you better and you can get tips on how to do stuff which has helped me very much.

cheers lou.

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