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Braided Hose Guage


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My borther can get cheap braided hose and I'd like to get braided on my maggies, but he needs to know what guage the hose is. Apparently the braided hose comes as -02 or -03 or -04 etc etc.

Anyone know the guage that maggies use?

>Edit: looking at the hope hose it seems that the crossover is a thicker diameter than the rest of the hose, so I gues it would have a different guage?

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ring tarty? then order it en mass + make a mint :shifty: i'd be interested in some...

dont think they'd be particularly keen on it, they sell braided hose themselves after all!

I know that the hose my bro can get is not exactly the same (it being car hose), for one it doesnt have a plastic coating over the braiding, so I wanna try it myself and see how it goes.

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I doubt tarty would mind. There nice guys and its not like your selling it as competition.

I know modern MTB hose is 5mm o.d., but I'm not sure what that would translate to. You might have a job getting the fittings for it, although you may be able to use goodridge or hope fittings for a shimano M525 if both the inside and outside diameters are right.

Edit: These are the dimensions of a hope hose, so if you could find some with the same as that then you'd be sett after getting some hope fittings for a shimano M525. As you strip back the plastic when fitting the olives and stuff you'd be fine with a 5mm outside diameter uncoated hose, just watch for cable wear, there's gunna be lots.


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inside and outside diameters are right.

inside and outside? I was thinking just pulling off the hosing thats on the brakes now, taking off the barbed fittings and putting them on the new braided hose? Am I missing somthing?

those little frame pad protector thingies

now that sounds like a plan!

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So took your advice and spoke to the guys at Tarty. Amongst other things I asked them about fittings, and they said this:

All fittings are available separately, however they actually make up around 95% of the price of the hose kits! The fittings for an HS33 brake should actually retail at around £42, so us selling the kit at £38 actually pays you £4 to take hose off our hands... In short, the hose is very cheap (about £2 a metre, if that) but the fittings are the pricey bit.

so from that then, getting hold of cheap braided hose seems a bit redundent (although i think I can use it for just the crossovers).

hey ho.

One thing I would like to do though is start using this with braided hose, and car brake fluid (as viscous as water, no freezing, and no paranoia over corrosion). But how to fit the splitter with braided hose? bit of a mute point anyway cos I'm too skint at the mo to buy braided hose fittings!

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You can't use DOT fluid with Magura levers or calipers - it kills the seals... I think it'll be very tricky to get braided hose to fit a splitter too unfortunately.

Thanks guys, as helpful as ever!

I'll just decide wether I'll run splitter or braided hose. maybe i'll run one front one back and compare.

Cheers anyway!

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