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Who Has Gone From Mod To Stock?


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I used to ride a Monty 221 and two months ago i finally bought the new Zoo! Pitbull (1090mm) and it has been the better thing i've done since I started riding trials.

I feel a lot more comfortable, fluid movements...of course you feel a bit silly the first weeks but after that...Oh My God!

In my opinion you should go to stock mate (Y)

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If i switch i will be riding and Adamant A1 :-

If i could ride both i would haha i'm not rich! :mellow:

Cheers, Will :turned:


Switching would be a good idea?

What do you find easier or harder??

Cheers, Will :turned:

i sold my zoo python last year, spent a whole year not riding trials at all but feeling lonely :mellow: but now i have an adamant A1 with the horizontal drop outs, trust me its worth it.

1 - yes it would be a good idea i think stocks are much better, for natural and street in my opinion ( though im 6ft 3 so i need a big bike )

2 - you will find it harder until u get used to the weight of the bike but with the right set up it should suit u more, it took me 2 weeks to be able to do all the things and more that i used to on my python. i think the geo is much better, them mod bikes are just expensive kids bikes :-

if u live near suffolk come and ave a go on mine.



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