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My Bike What Do You Think Its Worth?


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hey guys this is not a sales thread im just wanting to know what people think my bike is worth. :)


Heres the spec:

-Echo pure frame with 4bolt mounts canie creek headset

-echo control forks 4bolt and disc

-front wheel is a echo drilled 06 (shamanio deore disc hub)

-rear wheel is a planet X BMF red (hub is now broke lol deore as well not disc.)

-cranks are middle burn Rs7

-half-like chain

-echo bars and system EX stem

-Gusset Bachelor Chain Tensioner

-front and rear magura hs33's (rear has rock pads front has regular magie pads)

-onza vp BB

anywho tell me what you think this bike would sell for?



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50p and a packet of smarties??

nah just messing....£££ around 300-350 ;)

Cheers, Will (Y)

deffo £350 £400 at the most mate.Your bike is standard in some ways like the hubs really cuse there shimano ur not really gonna get much intrest in that end of the bike but sayin that alot of people will see that you have maguras echo frame forks and echo front rim and will be intrested in them parts.I would say you may have more luck sellin the bike in bits really may make a bit more profit but depnds on intrest really mate.


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that's a bit high ashley, i think around 350, the spec isnt exactly top notch, yes you have some good parts on ther but the hubs are a bit poo

yeah ino my hubs are totaly poo as you put it. haha

yeah well its in good nick maybe a few scratches here and there but anyway thanks for reply's guys

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