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World Cup


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lol well i think its great just because i have turned 18 means i can buy beer, when world cup is on you have deals on booze 8 bottles of grolsch for a fiver sorted cant really go wrong can you and get to scream you heart out down the pub at a tv which i dont i just laugh at the people

but the world cup its self i think is rubbish, but it dosent mean i dont like playing footy

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that italian stallian Vittorio Brumotti won overall, danny came 2nd and I came 3rd.

Danny won the european champs in expert, perhaps thats what you were thinking of?

Aaaahhh yes thats it. :)

Ash are you, your brother, your Dad and Barry gonna get around stoke in about 2 weeks? should be able ride again then :) i'll bring the camera out (Y)

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