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Ipswitch Maybe


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ok i road ippy bout a year ago with a mate shaun who lives folkstone i think and i hear hes back out riding again so if i can organise a couple people from my area for lifts anyone fancy coming up and riding again

ok no date set yet because i have stuff planned for next few weekends but try and make it a BIG ride like the past london rides

cheers rick

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you sure you don't mean Shaun from felixstowe? He has also started riding again and lives near Ipswich. It's quite a good place to ride really. I think Shaun and Andy will be out this Sunday, don't know about the other Ipswich riders though, they are quite busy at the moment what with full time jobs etc. etc.

Drop me a Pm if you want any more info on Ips

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Norwich is sooooo much better than Ipswich... even Felixstowe is better...

Haha where have you ridden in Felixstowe ???:-s lol what exactly is there in Norwich, rode there a couple of years ago but only remember the memorial garden type thing and a loading bay......

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Loads of places, the cinema, down by the river, the stage, all around the mall, untill we get kicked off, forum, then finish at mcdonalds, as usual :)

and thats a bad they riddin lol.Ok theres loads of bits up norwich to ride theres

riverside:real good spot to ride but the feds are really quick to the scene theres aload of benchs to concrete blocks in a row of each other.

kfc:well theres not to much there but some flower pots (square shape) into differnt heights and some more benchs again.

boots:theres a few smaller walls one of them is a gap to rail and the other ones are like small gaps and some 4 1/2 foot walls and rial gaps to each other.

castle medows:theres the stage what is about 3 foot high and rising and some benchs goin up like a cinema sittin area and a large gap to marble blocks and theres about 7 or more marble blocks and the gap changes on each one of them.

next:theres a stair case goin round like a question mark and a wall whats about just under 5 foot and a great place for spectaters lol.

chapafield:a wall just over 5 foot high and two round shape marble blocks what both differ on distance up and down to each other and a fairly big gap from one block to another.

thats most of the main areas we ride round norwich but there are loads more but i cant rember the names to all of them lol


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right il have a word with a couple mates of mine and see what we can come up with we can drive up there, anyone know a good place to park though i loved riding ips there was loads of places to ride

blue rail gap which kinda goes down a bit

there was a bit in town centre where easiest way to explain it was a double sidehop wall

by the odean was a few walls

in the middle of the road a wall and garden bit which was good for learning gap ups, also had a gap up to grey box and then to rail

kfc had a fe bits i remember shaun going up the posts to front wheel that was crazy

and yes i do mean shaun good lad(Y)

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