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Maxxis High Roller + Minion Rotation Direction?


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Hey guys, i know this is a bit of a silly one but....i have just been looking at pics and everyone with maxxis tyres (bulter, donovan etc) all have their maxxis logos on the other side to me, the closest pic i have does make it look as though they have the sloped parts on the highroller tyres facing backwards, i have put mine on following the rotation arrow and the sloped parts face forwards, the same applies on the minion. As these tyres are designed for downhill i just wanted to ask what the best way round to run them is? cheers-Hugh

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ususally because they are DH tyres the directional arrow makes the tyre travel so it would be more offective for aggressive braking. i usually flip it around so it's a bit better for putting the power down.

Same here. I like mine with the so that the tread looks like it'd dig into the floor as i start to peddle. The only thing with the ramps really is to improve the life of the tyre, it makes it easier for the tyre to roll and like mat says, when you break your not shearing the little tread bits off. With us running silly soft compund tyres though having them on backwards gives better grip and doesn't really affect the wear life to a noticeable degree.

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