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Wahey, First Post, And Its About Magura's....


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Hey all, I'm sure I know one or two people off of here already from around. I've only been riding trials for about 3 days but have ridden dh and dj for a couple of years now and I can do all my own work on my bikes fairly competently.

I took the magura's off my T-raptor as they were very spongy (lever pulled back to bar with pads as close as they could get) and I've been using the bath method to bleed them as I have no syringe or proper bleed kit. This seems to have worked fairly well apart from one small fault, on the rear lever (left hand), the piston in the lever body is not returning every time, and even when it returns it is not all the way back. I've been hacking through all the old FAQ's last night and today as well as searching the interweb and have found nothing which could really help me. Everything else on the brake works, the TPA system and pad pushing cylinders (slaves?) work fine and I have the TPA wound all the way in. Is there any way of loosening or removing the piston from the lever body? I'm sort of at a loss as to what to do.

Cheers all, Jack

p.s, sorry my first post seems like such an obvious question but I have searched everywhere

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