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I am not good enough to be giving anyone tips. However, I think that your level of riding makes a great video. I can get on here and download a ton of videos of really amazing riders, but it is difficult to find vids that allow others to see the progression of an individual in the sport. In Europe, you all have many people to ride with. Here in the US, however, there is practically no one riding that lives outside of my house... lol... The only link that I have to the sport is this forum and the videos that get posted here. I am very thankful for it, and I am very thankful for the videos posted at every level. You may see yourself as only a beginner, but you already have much to offer the trials community. Keep the vids coming and don't let anyone give you a hard time about how you ride!

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hi thanks theres one thing that im not shore about and that is my drops they look so skechy and i cant ajust but my mate say it will just come, but i seem to be the only one that cant do it. any tips?

Just watched your video again, its a good begginer video keep 'em coming.

About your drops, i wouldn't say there to bad, maybe try and level out more befor you drop??

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Pretty good, but I would leave the sound of the brakes in (just because I prefer it on) and don't slow mo every clip. I wouldn't play it through at normal speed first, just play it once in slow mo.

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Not read any of the comments so i'm sorry if people have already said any of this. I do like the song, doesn't really fit the riding as you look like you've only been riding a month or two so its not quite a screamy aggressive sort of style yet but i like that song... so i turned it up quite loud.....

To which i was promptly deafened by harsh pulsating slow motion brake noises :(. Make sure that your volume throughout the vid is generally about the same, and if its annoying noise like that try and drown it out a bit by fading the sound for that particular clip. Just right click it and change the audio level (i'm 90% sure you used movie maker so thats how you do it in that)

Otherwise, not bad at all... not overly repetitive like other better riders sometimes do, varied moves, and you look like you enjoy it.

Nice one.

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