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Biff College Project 1 (new Link)


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Ok im posting this vid for Biff, and i Quote

"This video is a mixed media video i filmed and put together in 3 days, i used an array of effects such editing by using Motion and Final Cut Pro Edition. I used the Chroma Key room to film the dancy piece. I filmed using the Canon XL1"

Thanks to my Mate Ash Static for the tune, propper sound lad.

The video is a spin off off the Ipod Advert, i tried to be as creative as possible. The Aim of the project was to create a mixed media video on 1 of the 7 deadly sins, i did envy. 1 dude is dancing better than the other dude etc so gets envious. Hope you appreciate the editing etc. I drank LOTS of coffee while making the video. Keying each frame with an effect takes around 15 mins to render.

More videos like this in the future, im working on my new vid "Biff Vid 5" editing it at college, im going to try and take my videos to a higher level now and try and be more creative as i believe the true element to a good video is the editing and filming, but the riding is obviously an important factor.



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Haha mental! Loved that! Was getting into the music as well then it faded down :P Great work man, green screen can be well fun, now we all know how Apple make the numerous iPod adverts, well simple, but very effective! One thing though... its a .wmv, yet you said you used a Mac? As far as I know Mac's don't compress to wmv? Or did you export to tape and then compress on a PC? Nice 1 mate!


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Biff speaking "Thanks for the feedback, appreciate all the comments so far. The song was Ash Static - Megadoom, you can check Ash's songs here, www.myspace.com/ashstatic, hes in my college class, so props for letting me use the song :)"

Matt Craig has no stickers lol.

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