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I Just Got The Latest Pictures Of My 24'' Ciguena!


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Hello people, I just the latest pictures of my 24'' ciguena with the new crank,new rear brake and i put on my old pink pedals!

Heres the old picture:


heres the updated pictures, it looks so better!





Comments are welcome, but if anyone has any ideas about new rims and hubs could you tell me, im not sure what to get, I think im going to get pro2 hubs front and rear, but not 100% sure yet!



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That look's awesome m8, loads better than my zoot, if i was you i would get pro 2 hubs with viz rims.

cheers mark.

Cheers dude, I would never say a bad word about the zoot, apart from the forks watch them they crack just above ur maggies mounts, but the zoot is a lovely bike, I had the zoot before I got the Cigeuna frame!

but thanks anyway dude and everyone!

Woa, that thing is crazy! What hubs are you running now? Gear ratio? What's the wheelbase on that thing? Definitely the nicest 24" trials bike I've ever seen.

Ok dude camdown! lol I have the hubs from my old wheel set from the zoot, im riding a 22-18 tooth adn the wheel base is a nice short 1020!! Its sweet, but Im sure theres better looking 24'' bikes out there, but just wait till i get the new wheels, it will look more evil!!!


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