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Best 'value' Option For Low Cost 20" Wheels


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So, I collected the Monty frame this evening :) the chrome is quite pitted and there are a couple of marks on the frame, welding is pretty rough IMHO and the underside of the frame behind the BB is quite heavily scored from use. But it was cheap and I'm happy :) :) :)

So I need to make it roll and so far I have (with prices):

frame with forks fitted and 100mm stem (£10)

on the way are:

Tektro V-brakes (1 pint of guiness)

Avid levers

Truvative Husserfelt cranks

Flat bars (£35 inc postage for all three).

Looking to buy new:

BB (Do I need a Howitzer for the Husserfelts?)



brake blocks


I still need:

some wheels and rubber! So what is my best value option, I have seen a couple of pairs in the classifieds here, but I'm looking at £100+ for a pair of wheels delivered, I can get new rims for £45ea + tubes and rubber. Is there a cheaper option? can I fit BMX rims? I know they will be heavier but will they fit and can they be used?

Any advice please, I have put prices on stuff to give you an idea of what I'm trying to limit my budget to :) A pair of second hand BMX wheels of fleabay for £30 looks much more appealing than a set of 'proper' 20" trials rims if it can be done.

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