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  1. Wow......! they really have nailed it this time! Satin pewter blue.... very very nice! and the old black forks trick with the Arcade! I Love it..
  2. In my defence!!
  3. Thankyou Ali, having just opened the box I can confirm that you are indeed correct!.. and that I am indeed a fool
  4. I know someone's tried it, It's an expensive mash up, but will it be worth it?
  5. Cheers Mark, this frame is starting to distract me from getting my Arcade back on the road. Do you think it would be to big a leap for someone rapidly approaching 40
  6. What 'normal' trials fork would you suggest for such a beast!?
  7. Any news? or have I just missed it?
  8. Thanks Mark, sounds like fun! I'll give it a go.
  9. Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice on making a bb mounted bash for these cranks (Ali) if it does the job, then it will do for me! Cheers
  10. Been running the regular Storm rotor for a while now with MT7's, Anyone tried the SL? They look a bit like the Hope Trial Zone, with less surface area, and they had some serious bite!
  11. Cheers Adam, I suspected as much!!
  12. Sorry what I should have said, Has anyone fitted them to the 2015 Arcade without encountering any clearance issues. I've had various issues in the past on the original Arcade with Saints and BB spacers all on one side.. Any tips appreciated. Cheers
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried this yet? With the new Inspired chainring bash they looks great! And now they are appearing on the aluminium bikes you've got to ask....?
  14. It just doesn't make any bloody sense to me at all. Don't they say that there's a very fine line between genius and madness? I'd say very fine indeed!!!
  15. Does anyone know how or if Inspired are dealing with these failures. I've got the original first batch Arcade and a crack has just begun to show in the same place as the others I've seen. I really can't fault the bike at all, but I couldn't put the bike through anything like what it was intended for, and I've never run a 203mm brake. Gutted!